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What began as an idea soon became a mission between two friends to not only raise awareness but help the countless people who are desperate to find a way out of the rigors and struggles of  living with kidney disease. Kent Bressler, blessed with the miracle ofa life saving kidney transplant, wanted to spread the message of hope and that there was another solution than just surviving on dialysis. And thus, Kidney Solutions was born. So as co-founders, Kent knew that K|S not only needed his expertise and transplant experience, they needed a voice to reach out to those whom they were actively searching for: the life savers - the donors. They found their voice with Amanda De Léon, a mother of five who made the choice to save her father’s life by donating her kidney to him. Together all 3 of these unique and passionate individuals are in fact….

A Network Of Transplant Experience!

Amanda Mugshot Amanda De Léon
CEO / President


     In 2016, when Amanda De Leon decided to start the testing process of being a kidney donor for her ailing father, she had no idea it would be the start to an entirely new life. She discovered a new found love for kidneys and the eagerness to spread awareness. So much so she decided to start up her own YouTube channel (Table For Seven), and take us along with her on her journey of being a kidney donor while vlogging her everyday life as a mother to five children.
      After five very long and tiresome years of her father, Baldomero Ollerbidez, being on dialysis Amanda donated her kidney to her father. June 8, 2016 two lives changed forever.
      Amanda has since used her channel to help spread the awareness and need for kidney donors and passionately advocates the importance of live organ donation. She has built relationships with her subscribers who often thank her for sharing her journey and providing them with hope and inspiration.
      Amanda De Leon is currently the President and CEO of Kidney Solutions and hopes that her experience as a kidney donor will help others. 

Kent Mugshot Kent Bressler, RN, MA
VP / Patient Advocate



      In 1982, Kent was diagnosed with focal segmental glomerulo sclerosis (FSGS), a disease that causes scarring in the glomerulus of the kidney. In 1987, he received a kidney from his brother, Kip and for the past 31 years, Kent has been on immunosuppressive drugs that are essential in guarding against rejection of his transplanted kidney.
      Kent’s is an experienced RN and has experienced living donation transplant. Having lived for 31 years with a transplant will greatly enhance the knowledge base for patients and families as they search for their living donors. His goal is to be with you from your first contact with Kidney Solutions until you have received your transplant, and then follow and assist you on your journey after transplant.
      Kent has participated in chronic kidney disease research reviews and has been an active peer mentor to several patients who are either on dialysis or are actively searching for a kidney donor.
      Kent has been a living donor advocate for patients for two decades and has had a dream of developing a foundation that would work with patients and families as they seek living donors. Three years ago he met David Rodriquez another transplant recipient and as their friendship grew so did the concept of Kidney Solutions. Their philosophy is that the “Kidney Solutions family is your family and you will never be charged or billed for any services provided to you or your family. With the addition of Amanda De Léon and Bruce Craft the Kidney Solutions family is complete and waiting for you to join.