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Kent’s Kidney Stories is hosted by Kent Bressler, a Registered Nurse, AAKP Board of Director, Ambassador, Kidney Transplant Recipient, and Vice President of Kidney Solutions. He will share his journey, some insight he has learned, and interview fellow Kidney Warriors and leaders in the Kidney Community.

Podcast Guests

If you or someone you know would like to be spotlighted on an episode of Kent’s Kidney Stories contact Kent at kent.bressler@kidneysolutions.org

Jason Nunez Kidney Transplant Anniversary Special

Kent speaks with our Audio Engineer/Producer, Jason Nunez. He endured Peritoneal Dialysis and an amputation before receiving the gift of life with a Kidney Transplant

AAKP Ambassador Curtis Warfield’s Kidney Transplant Anniversary Special

Kent speaks with AAKP’s Ambassador, Curtis Warfield. He is a typical CKD patient with a great story about his journey to dialysis and transplant.

Husband and Wife / Transplant Recipient and Living Donor

Kent speaks with Chance and Ashleigh Eckert about preemptive living donor transplants.  The Eckert’s are an inspiring young couple!  Click play and let’s hear their incredible story.

Immuno-suppresent Drug Coverage

While on his morning walk, Kent reflects on the monumental news of the U.S. Senate approval of immunosuppressive drug coverage for Kidney Transplant Patients.

Bruce Craft: Transplant Recipient for nearly 50 Years

Kent speaks with President of Kidney Solutions Board of Directors, Bruce Craft, who received a kidney transplant from his sister, nearly 50 years ago.

Testing for Organ Rejection

Kent and his wonderful guests help unpack Prospera and all that this Rejection Assessment Tool has to offer. 

Genetic Testing

Kent speaks with Christine and Trudy from Natera about the benefits of genetic testing, cost, how the information may help and much more.

How to Be Your Own Advocate

Kent speaks to Armand Halter who endured peritoneal dialysis for 3 years before receiving his transplant. He and Kent reflect on the emotions tied to receiving a kidney transplant.

AAKP Ambassador’s 5th Kidney Transplant Anniversary Special

Kent speaks with AAKP’s Ambassador, Gail Glasser. We join in celebrating Gail’s 5 year Kidney Transplant Anniversary with a look back over all she overcame to recieve her transplant.

Dear Kent - I’m just writing to thank you for your wonderful podcast, which I’ve only just discovered. I’m donating my kidney to a good friend at the end of August. I live in London and he’s in Vienna, Austria, so this coming Monday myself, my wife, my mum and my baby daughter are off for 3 weeks (we hope) to Vienna. And we are hoping that all will go well and he’ll get the gift of many more years of life and health. I’ve always been absolutely convinced that I’d do the operation for my very dear friend. It’s been on the cards for around 6 years and although events in my life have changed - marriage and a baby most of all! - I’ve never wavered. Having said that, obviously I am slightly anxious about having the surgery so have been binging on podcasts and reading on the subject as much as possible. The one podcast that really gave me strength was your episode with Scott Mullin. That was really inspiring and I’ll certainly be thinking of it as I go through the tests. Thank you again, so much, and keep up the great work!
All best, Ben