These transplant recipients’ live have been changed forever by donation and transplantation.

Living organ donation dates back to 1954, when a kidney from one twin was successfully transplanted into his identical brother. Today, the number of living organ donors is more than 7,300 per year. And one in four of these donors isn’t biologically related to the recipient.


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Priscilla Torres Kelley is a registered nurse who lost the function of both kidneys after a complicated pregnancy with her only child, Benjamin. He has lingering complications that he will endure for the rest of his life.

Medical advances and drugs have made it much easier for someone to be a compatible donor. In the past, living donors needed to be a close relative. Now, it’s more common that a living donor is not related to their recipient.


Jason Nunez has two fun loving boys and is an active member of his church parish. Jason is also the creator of his very own podcast The John 3:30 Podcast


Irasema Guillen had been  avidly searching for the last two years for someone to selflessly get tested to be her kidney donor.  She is excited to be able to continue her education after finally receiving her life-saving kidney.

A living donor does not have to be a blood relative. A spouse, friend, coworker or anyone who is willing to help may be eligible to donate.

Michael Jr.

Mikey Flores Jr. was born with a congenital kidney disease.  When 11 years old, test results showed his only remaining kidney was rapidly deteriorating. Every month his results came back with less function.


Brittany Du is vibrant, and funny.  Brittany works part-time at her church which she says is her happy home. She loves God and loves sharing His message. With the help of a new kidney, she plans to continue to use her gifts of teaching and serving at church through different ministries.

Studies indicate that the less time the patient is on dialysis, the better the transplant outcome. Receiving a preemptive transplant and never going on dialysis leads to higher transplant success rates.


Zenzali’s prayers were answered on June 18, 2019. Due to our Facebook shares she had a remarkable woman humbly come forward to be her kidney donor. Her wishes were to remain anonymous, but what an incredible sacrifice! Zenzali’s transplant was a success!


Michael Montecinos is a retired gourmet chef, cancer survivor and loving husband. He survived with one kidney for 14 years after losing one kidney to cancer.  He found a special person willing to give him and his family a miracle of a kidney transplant.

Living-donor kidney transplants are the most successful of all organ transplants. Since most people are born with two kidneys but need only one, kidneys are the most commonly transplanted living-donor organs.