Kidney Solutions

A Network of Transplant Experience


Kidney Solutions

A Network of Transplant Experience

Kidney Solutions is facilitated by transplant professionals, recipients and living donors who desire to assist patients in finding a living kidney donor and help them and their families through the pre- and post transplant process.

Our Services

All services are provided free of charge to patients and their families. Currently, Kidney Solutions relies solely on individual donations and foundation grants.

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Our meetings are currently on-line only.  Join us on Zoom every Monday and Thursday at 6:00 pm (central time)

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Patient & Family Support

The best current treatment for end-stage renal disease (ESRD) is kidney transplantation.  Finding a living donor can be a difficult task, especially for patients who are already dealing with serious medical concerns. 


Kent’s Kidney Stories is hosted by Kent Bressler, a Registered Nurse, AAKP Board of Director, Ambassador, Kidney Transplant Recipient, and Vice President of Kidney Solutions. He will share his journey, some insight he has learned, and interview fellow Kidney Warriors and leaders in the Kidney Community.

What People Say:

“Thanks for what you do! That’s hardly payment for services given! Kidney Solutions is a lighthouse for those of us going through the chasm related to kidney transplant!”

Jim Hess, waiting for a kidney transplant

“What can I say about Kidney Solutions? This organization came at a time when I was looking for help and didn’t know where to start. Kidney Solutions helped me understand the Transplant process and more importantly, helped me navigate it. Kidney Solutions is an organization that I do not hesitate to bring up in conversation with others in need of help, just like I did.”

Jason Nunez, transplanted 01/16/20 in San Antonio, TX

AAKP has expanded their capacities to involve a far larger, and more representative, number of patients in both research and clinical trials. The results of these opportunities will help create a clearer understanding of the patient experience and can help shape the future of kidney disease treatment and care.