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Episode 103: Rachelle McCray – On A Journey With Alport Syndrome

Kent speaks with Rachelle McCray about her journey with Alport Syndrome and her experience with Renasight, a Natera product that determines if there is a genetic cause for an individual’s kidney disease or if there is an increased hereditary risk due to family history.

Rachelle McCray—Rachelle is a television host, entrepreneur, and patient advocate for chronic kidney disease. Rachelle is the founder and creator of a registered 501(c)3 non-profit that gifts comfort teddy bear kits to children and families affected by kidney disease, the MinMinBear Foundation. She brings a personal perspective to her advocacy, as she and multiple generations of her family have lived with CKD. Rachelle credits Natera’s Renasight genetic test for giving her the knowledge to make more informed decisions about her care. Her goal is for other CKD patients to have that same confidence and participation in their healthcare. Rachelle is also a paid consultant for Natera.

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Host: Kent Bressler
Producer: Jason Nunez

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