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Episode 121: Rachel A. Davis, MD – Lithium and Kidney Donation

Kent talks with Rachel A. Davis, MD associate professor of psychiatry and neurosurgery at the University of Colorado Anschutz School of Medicine. Rachel is a non-directed liver donor, donating the right lobe of her liver in January of 2022.  This experience fueled a desire to increase awareness and advocacy about living liver and kidney donation. She has written a research paper titled “Lithium and the Living Kidney Donor: Science or Stigma?” Her experience with donor denial and the use of therapeutic Lithium in the treatment of mental illness is telling and interesting. Don’t forget to subscribe and share.

Click here to read Lithium and the living kidney donor: Science or Stigma? By Rachel A. Davis, MD.

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Host: Kent Bressler
Producer: Jason Nunez

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