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Episode 133: Elaine Perlman – Tackling the Kidney Shortage with the End Kidney Deaths Act

In this compelling episode of Kent’s Kidney Stories, host Kent Bresler welcomes Elaine Perlman, Executive Director of Waitlist Zero and mentor for the National Kidney Donation Organization. Elaine shares her remarkable journey from educator to kidney donation advocate, spurred by her and her son’s altruistic kidney donations. Together, they delve into the urgent need for the End Kidney Deaths Act, a groundbreaking ten-year pilot proposal aimed at incentivizing kidney donations through a $50,000 refundable tax credit for non-directed donors.

Elaine passionately discusses the tragic reality of the kidney shortage and the ethical considerations of incentivizing donations. She highlights the potential of the bill to save 60,000 lives and generate $14 billion in tax savings by the tenth year. Kent and Elaine also address the broader issues within the kidney community, such as the need for a national awareness campaign and the importance of living donations.

This episode is a powerful call to action for listeners to support the End Kidney Deaths Act and advocate for greater awareness and urgency in addressing the kidney shortage. Join Kent and Elaine as they explore the transformative potential of this legislation and the collective efforts needed to create a future where no one has to wait for a life-saving kidney.

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Host: Kent Bresler
Producer: Jason Nunez

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