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Episode 97: Martha Gershun & John D. Lantos—Authors of Kidney to Share

Kent talks with Martha Gershun & John D. Lantos, MD, authors of  Kidney to Share

Martha Gershun is a nonprofit consultant, writer, and community volunteer. She donated a kidney in 2018 to a woman she read about in the newspaper. Gershun has been named Special Advisor to the Kidney Transplant Collaborative and serves on the advisory board for the National Kidney Foundation serving Kansas, Oklahoma, and Western Missouri.

John D. Lantos, MD is a pediatrician and international leader in bioethics. The focus of his work is on protecting the lives, health, and rights of children. He is particularly interested in children with complex chronic conditions and in the ethical dilemmas surrounding the use of innovative therapies. He has written or edited five books and hundreds of peer-reviewed scientific and philosophical papers.

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Host: Kent Bressler
Producer: Jason Nunez

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