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Kent’s Kidney Stories is hosted by Kent Bressler, a Registered Nurse, AAKP Board of Director, Ambassador, Kidney Transplant Recipient, and Vice President of Kidney Solutions. He will share his journey, some insight he has learned, and interview fellow Kidney Warriors and leaders in the Kidney Community.

Podcast Guests

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Marana Vradenburg Needs A Kidney Donor

Marana was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes as a child. 15 years ago, it took her sight, and she’s now has only 13% kidney function. She loves volunteering with disabled veterans, however,  fatigue from kidney disease has severely compromised her ability to do so. 

Paul Conway, Past President of AAKP & Kidney Recipient

Kent talks with his friend Paul Conway,  the past President of the American Association of Kidney Patients (AAKP). Paul has managed kidney disease for 40 years including nearly 3 years on home dialysis and is a kidney recipient lasting over 23 years.

Martin Hughes Needs A Kidney Donor

Martin Hughes is the father of two adult children and  has spent the last 20 years working with formerly homeless families and individuals as a site director.  Martin is in need of a Living Kidney Donor. Can you help? Are YOU the one?

Michael Etheridge Needs A Kidney Donor

Rinki and Michael Etheridge are an extraordinary team. Michael’s current transplanted kidney is in danger of failure.  Rinki talks about how difficult it is to be a caregiver and gives valuable insight into what it is like to watch the love of her life struggle.

 Nancy Orman, Author & Kidney Recipient

Nancy’s kidney donor was her son Scott. She has known tragedy in the loss of one of her sons and has battled Multiple Sclerosis and kidney failure coming out on top. Her undying faith is expressed in her book called Stronger Than I Thought.

Quinton Johnson Needs A Kidney Donor

Quinton has been diabetic since age 6 and received a pancreas/kidney transplant s a few years back. The pancreas has now failed and now his kidney is failing.  If he gets a living donor he will NOT have to go on dialysis. Can you help? Are YOU the one?

Shane Blanchard – 3-Time Kidney Recipient

Shane Blanchard was born at the University of Iowa in 1974. He was diagnosed with a rare congenital disorder and has undergone 50 operations including three kidney transplants.  He just received his third transplant via a paired exchange program.

Rahwa Daneil Needs A Kidney Donor

Kent met Rahwa Daniel who is a daughter of African immigrants and her kidney journey story exemplifies what many CKD patients experience and makes us realize the importance of early detection in managing CKD. She needs a kidney donor. Are YOU the one?

Catherine Campbell Needs A Kidney Donor

Catherine Campbell has passionately dedicated her life as a nurse, caring for others.  Now it’s Catherine who needs a hero who is willing to become a living donor.  As a wife, Mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother, her life has been challenged by End-Stage Renal Disease.   

Wellness Advocate, & Author

Myles “MJay” Jackson is a personal trainer, and head strength coach. He works to meet his clients where they are and helps them to break free of the habits and behaviors that keep them from living their healthiest life.

George Franklin – Quarter Century Club President

The 46 on George Franklin’s jersey indicates the number of years he has had his deceased kidney transplant. Listen in as Kent and George discuss kidney transplant longevity.  Click here to learn more about the Quarter Century Club.

Shannon Mulroy, Altruistic Kidney Donor

Kent speaks with Shannon Mulroy, whose daughter had a transplant. So Shannon decided she would like to become an altruistic kidney donor.  Very interesting things began to happen after she and her husband spoke.

Matthew Novelli Needs a Living Kidney Donor

Matthew has long-standing kidney disease and is in search of a kidney donor. He tells Kent his story and needs. Follow Matthew’s kidney journey at Matthew’s Kidney Search.

The First US Black, Female Transplant Surgeon

Kent talks with Dr. Velma Scantlebury, a transplant surgeon and author of “Beyond Every Wall, Becoming the First Black Female Transplant Surgeon.” She is an advocate for preemptive transplant and increasing diversity  in surgery.

Three Time Kidney Transplant Recipient

Kent talks with UK resident, Fez Awan, who was born with renal failure. Throughout his life, he has had three kidney transplants and has used all modalities of dialysis. He volunteers to bring more awareness and education regarding organ donation .

Sejal Patel Needs A Kidney Donor. Are YOU The One?

After medical school, Sejal Patel learned she needed a kidney and pancreas to survive.  She received the gift of life and then used her medical degree to work in transplant to help others.  Now her donated kidney is failing. 

Four-Time Kidney Transplant Recipient

Mary Baliker was diagnosed with kidney disease at the age of nine and has undergone dialysis during various times in her life. At 17, she had a kidney transplant from her brother, Doug and three more transplants since.

Two-Time Kidney Transplant Recipient

Kidney disease is tough enough as an adult. When it begins in early childhood it is even more devastating and difficult to adjust to. Meet Austin Lee, a two-time kidney transplant recipient who was transplanted at the early age of four.

 Ice Cream, Schnitzel, and the Gift of Life

Ben lives in London, England and Jasper lives in Vienna, Austria. Jasper needed a kidney transplant so his good friend, Ben agreed to donate. Ben flew to Vienna, Austria, and found out he was a match. Then the fun began!

Jill Hammonds – Mother, Wife, and Kidney Warrior

Kent talks to Jill Hammonds who has been living with FSGS for over 30 years. She was diagnosed at 14 years of age. She talks about her course of treatment and her transplants. One courageous and tough mother, wife, and kidney warrior.

Jonathan Traylor 1 Year Transplant Anniversary

Kent talks with a good friend and kidney warrior Jonathan Traylor about the importance of keeping in close touch with his care team and  his feelings about mentorship during his first year of transplant.

Living Kidney Donor – Kathryn Robison

What does it take to be a living kidney donor? Listen to Kent’s interview with Kathryn Robison a second-year Medical Student at Texas Tech. She has a frank conversation with Kent about giving her kidney to her older brother.

AAKP Ambassador Brandi Nunez 3 Year Transplant Anniversary Special

Brandi is celebrating her third kidneyversary and talks about being a PKD patient and her transplant. Her story is of interest because she is the only one in the family who has PKD.

Bernadette Needs a Kidney Donor. Are You The One?

Bernadette Fordystek is stuck between a rock and a hard place. She is a CKD patient who has done just about everything she can to find a Living Donor. Kent and Bernadette’s conversation centered on her difficulties finding a donor and the faith she has had to continue. 

Kristen Hood, MSN, RN – Director of Clinical Outreach for NephCure

Kristen shares her son Logan’s journey of being diagnosed and enduring Minimal Change Disease (MCD) and Juvenile Psoriatic Arthritis. Kent and Kristen also talk about Nephcure and all it has to offer Kidney Warriors. 

Ed Hickey Vice President of AAKP

Meet Ed Hickey, Vice President of the American Association of Kidney Patients (AAKP) as he gives us valuable insight into the patient center focus at AAKP and their dialogue with the Veterans Administration and Veterans Service Organizations (VSOs).

Nhan Phan, Life Coach at Kidney Solutions

Meet Nhan Pham, Life Coach at Kidney Solutions! Born in Hanoi, Vietnam, Nhan grew up in Moscow, Russia, before coming to the UK for her university studies. She’s been in the UK since 2002 and is now based in London.

Kent Bressler’s 34 Year Kidney Transplant Anniversary Special

Celebrating Kent Bressler’s 34-year Kidney Transplant anniversary! Our Audio Engineer, Jason interviews Kent as he reflects on his transplant and the gift, his brother, Kip, blessed him with.

Amanda Grandinetti, Kidney Warrior & Doctoral Candidate

Amanda Grandinetti is a double kidney transplant recipient who has battled Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) since she was in her teens.

Fouad T. Chebib, M.D. Mayo Clinic Nephrologist

Dr. Chebib’s clinical focus includes expertise in the management of Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) and its complications. Kent and Dr. Chebib discuss genetic testing in this interesting episode.

Toni Martin’s 3-year Transplant Anniversary Special

Toni Martin, a two-time kidney transplant recipient, discusses her journey with kidney disease and touches on her role as an advocate. Another in a series of AAKP Kidney anniversaries.

Jason Hale is Built to Last.  Just Listen To His Story!

Jason has what we call “grit”. His kidney disease began at age 8 and he’s had two transplants in his lifetime. He was on dialysis for a long time before his second transplant. There is always hope.  If you don’t believe us, listen to Jason’s story.

My Spouse Donated His Kidney to Me 21-Years Ago

Becky Ronkowski about her kidney transplant anniversary. Hear how she traveled through FSGS and transplant. She also talks about her spouse being her living donor.

Dr. Eliot Heher – Transplant Nephrologist

Kent interviews a friend and co-founder of Square knot Health, Inc. Dr. Eliot Heher is  a transplant nephrologist with a penchant for seeing patients receive a transplant before they have to undergo dialysis.

Robert Friedman’s 3-Year Transplant Anniversary Special

Join us as we celebrate Robert (Bob) Friedman’s Kidneyversary. Bob is a Kidney Warrior and imparts some valuable information about kidney transplant and kidney disease in general.

Pearls of Wisdom from a Kidney Warrior

Lisa Baxter endured dialysis for 12 years until she received “the call.” Listen in, as Lisa shares her story and shares some pearls of wisdom for all Kidney Warriors. 

Peter Maag, PhD, Executive Chairman of CareDx

Mr. Maag has been instrumental in the growth of CareDx and shares the company’s focus on pre and post-transplant care  and the human element of the transplant continuum of care.

Charles Cranford’s 10th Transplant Anniversary Special

Charles Cranford is a native of Chicago and was transplanted 10 years ago at Johns Hopkins. His wife is a living donor and he’s eternally grateful for her generosity and love.

Lana Schmidt’s 5th Transplant Anniversary

After being diagnosed with  a rare kidney disease, Lana endured dialysis for 13 years before receiving a transplant using a specialized drug, Eculizumab (Soliris), because of her high antibodies.

Chef Oliver Hale:  Two-Time Kidney Transplant Recipient

Kent has the privilege of interviewing world-renowned Chef, Oliver Hale about how he has combined his experience with kidney disease and transplant with his love for cooking. 

Ivy Dennen: Kidney & Pancreas Transplant Recipient

Ivey had been a type one diabetic for several years before her double organ transplant. Listen in, as Ivey shares how it came about and how she has progressed. 

A Positive Attitude Will See You Through

Kent speaks with Chelsea Roman as she shares her inspirational journey to kidney transplant. Chelsea has battled major health concerns with her kidneys since birth.

Jason Nunez Kidney Transplant Anniversary Special

Kent speaks with our Audio Engineer/Producer, Jason Nunez. He endured Peritoneal Dialysis and an amputation before receiving the gift of life with a Kidney Transplant

Curtis Warfield’s Kidney Transplant Anniversary Special

Kent speaks with AAKP’s Ambassador, Curtis Warfield. He is a typical CKD patient with a great story about his journey to dialysis and transplant.

Husband and Wife / Transplant Recipient and Living Donor

Kent speaks with Chance and Ashleigh Eckert about preemptive living donor transplants.  The Eckert’s are an inspiring young couple!  Click play and let’s hear their incredible story.

Immuno-suppresent Drug Coverage

While on his morning walk, Kent reflects on the monumental news of the U.S. Senate approval of immunosuppressive drug coverage for Kidney Transplant Patients.

Bruce Craft: Transplant Recipient for nearly 50 Years

Kent speaks with President of Kidney Solutions Board of Directors, Bruce Craft, who received a kidney transplant from his sister, nearly 50 years ago.

Testing for Organ Rejection

Kent and his wonderful guests help unpack Prospera and all that this Rejection Assessment Tool has to offer. 

Genetic Testing

Kent speaks with Christine and Trudy from Natera about the benefits of genetic testing, cost, how the information may help and much more.

How to Be Your Own Advocate

Kent speaks to Armand Halter who endured peritoneal dialysis for 3 years before receiving his transplant. He and Kent reflect on the emotions tied to receiving a kidney transplant.

AAKP Ambassador’s 5th Kidney Transplant Anniversary Special

Kent speaks with AAKP’s Ambassador, Gail Glasser. We join in celebrating Gail’s 5 year Kidney Transplant Anniversary with a look back over all she overcame to recieve her transplant.

Dear Kent - I’m just writing to thank you for your wonderful podcast, which I’ve only just discovered. I’m donating my kidney to a good friend at the end of August. I live in London and he’s in Vienna, Austria, so this coming Monday myself, my wife, my mum and my baby daughter are off for 3 weeks (we hope) to Vienna. And we are hoping that all will go well and he’ll get the gift of many more years of life and health. I’ve always been absolutely convinced that I’d do the operation for my very dear friend. It’s been on the cards for around 6 years and although events in my life have changed - marriage and a baby most of all! - I’ve never wavered. Having said that, obviously I am slightly anxious about having the surgery so have been binging on podcasts and reading on the subject as much as possible. The one podcast that really gave me strength was your episode with Scott Mullin. That was really inspiring and I’ll certainly be thinking of it as I go through the tests. Thank you again, so much, and keep up the great work!
All best, Ben