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The National Living Donor Assistance Center Helps Living Donors With Donation Costs

Introduction: I recently did an interview with Marie-Claire Walters of the National Living Donor Assistance Center (NLDAC). Marie-Claire is the Assistant Coordinator of the National Living Donor Assistance Center. She has been with the NLDAC team since 2017, and is responsible for the NLDAC’s website content, newsletter, and educational materials. She has worked on several pilot programs to expand the reach and scope of this program. She is also fluent in Spanish, and provides dedicated support to Spanish-speaking donors, recipients, and transplant professionals at NLDAC. The National Living Donor Assistance Center (NLDAC) is a federally funded program that helps eligible

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PKD Awareness Day

PKD Awareness Day is designed to bring to the attention of people everywhere the need for continued research to find a cure for polycystic kidney disease (PKD). According to the PKD Foundation,  “On September 4th, we celebrate PKD Awareness Day. A day dedicated to educating and inspiring our friends, families, and communities to learn about PKD. When more people learn about PKD, more people get involved. And that means more resources dedicated to finding treatments and a cure.” What to Know About PKD Awareness Day To honor the occasion,  I want to tell you a story about my Father that heightened

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A Plant-Based Diet: What Are The Pros and Cons

Recently I did a Broadcast on the Urban Health Outreach Media With Dr Blake Shusterman and Dr Shivam Joshi. Dr. Blake Shusterman, the Cooking Doc strongly recommended some version of a plant-based diet. Dr. Blake Shusterman is President and Physician Partner at Carolina Nephrology, a twenty-two provider practice in Greenville, SC. He is also the creator and host of The Cooking Doc (, and author of the book The Cooking Doc’s Kidney-Healthy Cooking: A Modern 10-Step Guide to Preventing and Managing Kidney Disease.  You can also subscribe to his newsletter there. A board certified nephrologist, Dr. Shusterman serves as the

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Add Some Spice to Your Kidney Life, Palliative Care is Not Just End of Life Care Any More

1. Introduction Recently, I did an interview with Dr. Holly Koncicki, a Board Certified Specialist in Nephrology and Palliative Care. I also read her article, Growing Role of Palliative Care for those with Kidney Disease – What You Need to Know.  I was surprised to learn that Palliative Care has expanded it’s reach beyond just End of Life planning to dealing with the many symptoms of kidney disease that may cause an impact on a Kidney Patient’s life. It also now includes not only adult Kidney Patients, but also Pediatric Kidney Patients. 2. The Expansion of Palliative Care Palliative Care now

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My Living Donor Experience

Lying on a cot in a triage room full of my family, I gazed up and locked eyes with a pre-operative nurse I had just met. “This is the ultimate selfless act and will be one of the best decisions you make”, he said. He donated his kidney to his wife ten years prior, and today I would do the same for my older brother. He spoke these words during my most vulnerable state, as I prepared to enter a donor nephrectomy surgery. Although I heard his thoughtful encouragement that morning, it did not fully resonate with me until weeks

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